Sports massage therapy for London & Enfield

My complementary therapy business generally operates from the Keats Health Complementary Therapy Clinic, in Enfield Town.

My massage services…

Sports Massage

Swedish Massage


Indian Head Massage

My reviews

“Having tried all of Darren’s treatments I find Reflexology the best for me. As it is very relaxing having my feet massaged after being on the go all day. I am also a big believer in holistic therapies, so this approach suits me down to the ground.”


“After splitting up with my ex-wife I felt really depressed & couldn’t face, going to work. Since receiving aromatherapy with Darren I have felt much better and have gone back to work full time after starting back on a part time basis.”


“I find I always carry my stress & tension in my neck and shoulders. So make a point of trying to see Darren about once a month for one of his Indian Head massages As they reduce my tension a great deal.”