Swedish Massage Therapy

Massage has been recorded in China since 3,000 BC to the modern day. It is a very effective form of massage that can aid relaxation by using the calming quality of touch. There are many techniques that together can relieve stiff muscles and joints, improve circulation and lymph drainage, calm the nervous system, aid digestion and excretion as well as improve skin tone. Massage can also relieve physical, mental and emotional fatigue, thus creating a more positive feeling. Massage is often used as a preventative treatment to maintain and improve people’s quality of life.

EFFLEURAGE – Effleurage is good for soothing and relaxing muscles and improving circulation, introduces the therapists touch to the client, spreads the oil or cream used for massage, prepares the body for massage, helps to remove toxins, helps regenerate skin growth, aids lymph drainage and Venus returns, pushes blood into superficial capillaries.

PETRISSAGE – Petrissage stretches the muscles improving their suppleness and elasticity, break down tension and stiffness caused by toxins e.g. lactic acid, stimulates circulation.

FRICTION – Friction is mainly used for releasing tension in muscles and for loosening tightness around joints Friction is also used for: heating up local areas, improve circulation, promote lymph drainage, stimulate the nerves, loosen tightness in muscles, break down lumps or knots, stretch muscles and help realign them.

PERCUSSION – Percussion can be used to improve local and overall circulation, warm the skin and muscles, improve muscle tone, help break up fat deposits and invigorate the nervous system.

VIBRATION – Vibration helps to release pain and tension. Vibration can also be very soothing or stimulating and clears nerve path ways.

Swedish Massage

Benefits of Swedish Massage Include:

  • Reduces tension and stress
  • Relieves tired and stiff joints
  • Helps to relieve depression
  • Improves skin colour and condition
  • Aids recovery from sports injuries
  • Soothes away headaches
  • Boosts the body’s own healing abilities
  • Aids relaxation and promotes positive feeling